Reflexology and Yoga

Reflexology and Yoga will make you feel good

Reflexology and Yoga


It might seem like a modern trend, but Yoga is a very ancient science which began more than 5,000 years ago in India. The word Yoga is Sanskrit which is one of the ancient languages of the East. It means to “yoke,” or unite, the mind, body, and spirit.

With the help of yoga postures (asanas) which develop flexibility and strength in our bodies. The breathing exercises (pranayama) help to recharge the body. And by focusing within (meditation), we bring harmony to our whole being allowing ourselves to come back to a natural state of balance which means…………

  • Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio-vascular system.
  • Improved posture flexibility and strength.
  • Enhanced feeling of wellbeing.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Better quality of sleep.


You will learn how to do the postures and I will explain the benefits of them.

Mondays 09.30 – 11.00     Stowupland Village Hall. IP14 4BG
Mondays 11.15 – 12.15     Stowupland Village Hall. IP14 4BG. Yoga and Meditation. Beginners
Tuesdays 09.30 – 11.00     Woolpit Institute Rooms. IP31 9QH
Tuesdays 11.30 – 12.30     Woolpit Village Hall. IP30 9QX

I teach from beginners gentle Yoga classes to intermediate level.
During other times I am teaching private groups, one to one, ante-natal, post-natal and schools.


Per 90 minute class at Stowupland, £8.50 if paying in advance  for 6 weeks.

Per 90 minute class at Woolpit, £9.00 if paying in advance for 6 weeks.

Or pay £10.00/£10.50 weekly for each class.

Booking is essential for all classes

I am available to lead Yoga retreats and holidays.